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1. How much does it cost for tax preparation?

There are over 150 different tax forms commonly used in the preparation of a tax return. Many of them won't apply to your situation but until we are able to sit down and see what your needs are, we won't know what the total charge is. But you will know before we begin what the amount is. With the preparation of a corporate return we do offer a personal return for free.  

2. Will an IRS offer in compromise work for me?

That is a good question. There are other services that will charge upwards of $2000 before giving you any idea if you have a chance at having your offer accepted. We don't do that. Of course, it is the IRS so it is their decision that is final and there are no guarantees, but with close to three decades of experience in fighting for clients against the IRS, David Duff can take a look at your case during a free consultation and give you an idea of the odds of your winning what you are asking for. Before you pay the fee that is. 

3. Why choose Ashton Accounting over other options for your IRS representation?

We offer what those large tax rep firms cannot, in-person one on one consultation and personal contact. You can meet with us in our office and ask your questions, look us in the eyes and see how dedicated we will be in representing you before the IRS and in court. If we don't believe you will win your case, we will tell you up front and honestly before you pay a dime. 

4. Why choose Ashton Accounting over a more convenient big box chain of tax prep offices?

Experience. Many of those chain tax prep offices are staffed with brand new preparers who have undergone a maximum 8 hour training course. They have the millions of dollars of marketing backing them but what we have is close to three decades of experience and know-how in getting you the maximum amount for your refund and reducing what you owe if that is the case. We don't hide fees and do everything to minimize the chances of an audit. 

5. I am not in Orlando, can you still help me?

Of course, many of our clients are located in Miami, Key West, and Jacksonville. With technology the way it is we can still help with your accounting from our Orlando office and we even make it a point to visit our out of town clients as often as is needed. Give us a call and set up a time and we can either see you here or chat via Skype to get you set up as a client and we can go from there.

6. I've just come into a large sum of money, can you help me plan tax consequences and more?

Absolutely, we help clients pay as little as possible (and legal) and can help you going forward to reduce liability and spend accordingly.

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