The Importance of Saving Your Tax Return

Want PDF copies of your Business and Personal Returns?

We offer full PDF copies of your Tax Return/s (no charge).

But There is a Huge Important Warning:

Please understand many clients who received their return (via PDF) should save the returns on a separate “Jump Drive” (or burn to CD) and kept in a safe place.

Never save these PDFs on your Home Computer or Laptop, since we had a few clients who saved this information on their home or laptop…..And then later:

Discovered after taking their computer in for repair, the saved tax returns were used to steal their Personal Identity by someone else filing false tax returns or applying for credit under their name and social security number!

It is way too easy for someone else taking all the private information and making up false W2 and other tax forms to file “As You” (for large refunds), or filing for credit under your name.

Stolen Identities:

This can cause a HUGE problem for anyone for the next several years trying to file the real returns (and offer delayed real refunds for a period of up to 10 to 12 months), along with the additional work of contracting the IRS numerous times, paper letter filing and completing additional forms.

The stolen credit card issues, which could take years to correct (your now “bad credit”).

IRS Issues: if your Identity was stolen you will need to wait to get PIN (personal ID Number):

“Each and Every Year” thereafter.

If you wish to receive your tax form PDF, please make sure to save it on a separate Jump Drive!

Additional paper printed returns are billed at $100.00 for the time (to locate), print, preparation and then postage for mailing.

Ashton Double Layer Password Protection:

All of our Accounting, Payroll Filing and Tax Filing Software Systems are “Double Password Protected”, and we maintain special locked cabinets to protect our client’s printed private information. Then the all client file information (backup) is saved off-site on a Double Password Protected Server.

No other Accounting Firm does more to assure your “Private Information” stays “Private”.

Referrals allow us to keep our professional fee lower than most local accounting firms.

We still offer a gift card reward to your favorite restaurant for each referral who becomes a client of Ashton Accounting.

$100.00 for new business clients and $50.00 for personal tax returns (please go out to dinner on us)!

Thanks for your business; ……Our continued growth & success is a result of great clients & friends who we truly appreciate!